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The Traditional Horse-Riding Pants Jodhpurs

by Era Inventions

This is a tight-fitting pair of trousers, and the length of the trouser is ankle length. You can wear it for riding the horse. It has a snug-fitting from the knee to the ankle, and it’s also flared at the hip so that it gets easy to sit in the saddle. These trousers are made with stretch fabric, tight in fittings, and these are also supportive and flexible.

Material of the Boot

The hard-wearing material like leather helps the rider to stay still in the saddle. A variety of colors are available on these trousers. These trousers are known as Jodhpur. You can wear this as fashion and occupational clothing. These pants were also adopted as the uniform of the motorcycle police.  Kentucky jodhpurs are also full-length riding pants that are exclusively designed for saddle seat riding. The hunt seat jodhpurs are close from the waist to the ankle, these are longer and end with a flared bell bottom which fits with boots that extend below the heel of the boot in the back and covers the arch of the foot.

Appeal of the Boot

This overall attire gives you the perfect look of a rider. Ladies can also wear pants to give themselves an exclusive look for riding horses, variety of ranges are available, you can wear pants with paddock boots also. You can wear these pants for not only riding purposes, but you can also wear them for any other occasion it depends on how you carry them. You can usually wear it with contrasting colors depends on the occasion you are wearing it for. You can also wear it with matching color jackets. 

Qualitative Fabric in Use

The jackets and the pants are made with the same fabric, and the traditional cotton can also be replaced with silk, cotton, or any kind of fabric of your choice. The pants are paired up with kurta also which is known as Indian traditional wear. These pants are made up with high-quality materials, it’s tight in fittings which traditionally ends in a cuff, but the non-riding jodhpurs doesn’t have cuff and strap, the modern pants usually have belt loops and two front pockets. If you can carry classic coats with pants it will give you a marvelous look, wear this combination if you are comfortable with it and feel confident to carry it, you can wear it with matching color and contrast color; same goes for the shoes and accessories when you are wearing a western suit.

About the Buttons

You can replace the brass buttons with the traditional suit buttons. You can also pair up these pants with sports jackets and a shirt for a casual look; Norfolk jackets also look good with the pants. Many of you like to wear a less formal look; you can wear it with OCBD shirts. You can pair up these pants with tall boots which give you a look of motorcycle policemen. If you love riding bikes you can wear these pants with leather jackets it looks extremely good with them. We provide the best quality pants with many varieties of colors; we also think about your taste in fashion while providing the products to you. Keeping a pant on your wardrobe will give your wardrobe new attire.

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