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Free Unblocked Games for Team Building and Collaboration

by Soha Sehzadi

If you want to unblock your team’s creative problem-solving abilities, brainstorming games are a great way to get the ball rolling. They provide a fresh approach to a stalled ideation process and allow teams to break out of their usual mindsets.

One ideation game that encourages a sense of fun is to play rock, paper, scissors. Each player gets three signs to use to form a sign – rock, paper, and scissor.


If you’re looking for a game that will bring out the silliness in your friends and online buddies, then Quiplash is definitely worth checking out. It’s one of the newest party unblocked games from Jackbox Games, the team behind YOU DON’T KNOW JACK, Fibbage, and Drawful.

With up to eight players, Quiplash is a laugh-a-minute battle of wits and witty responses. Each round poses a random topic, and all participants have around a minute to enter their funniest answer.

You can play this game with your group of friends either at home or on a video chat. Just make sure you’re all on the same device and online to start!

This remote team building activity is a great way to break the ice, and get to know your colleagues better. You can even ask them to share something they’ve never done before.

Kahoot Quizzes

Kahoot Quizzes are fun learning games that can be played with students online or in the classroom. They’re easy to create and customize, and there’s a wide variety of questions to choose from.

Unlike other learning games, Kahoot is designed with teachers in mind and includes several features to help educators make their lessons more interactive. These include Photo Show & Tell, Apples to Apples, Live Polling, Pass the Mic, and Soundboards.

However, Kahoot isn’t perfect. Some students are able to hack the website’s security protocols, which can cause problems for teachers and their students. For these reasons, teachers must follow a few precautions to prevent such activities.


Pictionary is a classic drawing and guessing board game that is perfect for team building. It can also be a fun icebreaker or relaxing Sunday afternoon game to play with friends or family.

The goal of Pictionary is to get teammates to correctly guess what their teammate is sketching within the time limit. It is a great game for teams of three or more players.

It can be used for team building and collaboration in the classroom or as an online synchronous class activity. Students use chart paper or a Zoom Annotate tool to draw their understanding of a concept, topic, event, or term and their teammates guess it.

Pictionary is a good way to review material before a mid-year or final exam. Create a list of terms and concepts that might come up on an exam and assign them to each group to draw.

Virtual Scavenger Hunts

If you want to encourage your team to interact with each other, virtual scavenger hunts are the way to go. They’re a fun and exciting way to bond with coworkers and improve morale in your company.

If your business has a remote workforce, virtual scavenger hunts can help your employees feel connected without having to be in the same room. They’re also a great way to break the ice among new employees.

To host a virtual scavenger hunt for your team, you need to plan ahead. Consider how many items you want to have your teams find and how long the activity will last.

You can even choose a theme for the hunt, such as project-themed challenges. For example, you could ask teams to share photos or videos of things related to the project every day. Or, you could have them do a quiz every day with questions about the project.

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