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How To Use Public WiFi Securely?

by Era Inventions

The internet is a powerful tool that allows people to communicate and share information with each other, but it can also be dangerous for your safety and security if not used properly.

Public WiFi connections are the least secure of all. Public WiFi cannot be trusted because it shares your information with anyone else who connects to it.

This includes hackers, advertisers, and other malicious people. So, here in this article, we will tell you about How To Use Public WiFi Securely?

Public WiFi is very popular, especially in airports and cafes. However, it lacks the protections found in a private network. With a Public WiFi, there are no password restrictions or data encryption. This makes it easy for hackers to steal your personal information like email addresses, passwords, and financial records.

Hackers can easily steal your valuable information and even worse, they could use your internet connection to commit crimes against others. The potential dangers of Public WiFi networks are well-documented – don’t take the chance that using them will just let you be another victim.

#1. Use VPN

VPN is a Virtual Private Network. It is used to hide IP and to encrypt information when sending over the internet. VPN provides protection for your private data like credit card and bank account information. It also protects against hackers, snoopers, and cyber criminals.

The world is getting more and more connected. But with this increase in connectivity comes a vulnerability to cyber invaders especially in Public WiFi. VPNs are a way of securing your internet connections by identifying you as a private network, which blocks any unwanted traffic from entering your system and stealing your information.

#2. Use HTTPS

Public WiFi is arguably the most dangerous form of internet access. Hackers and other bad actors can tap into these networks, either to steal personal information or as a launch point for a cyber-attack. HTTPS is an encryption protocol that guarantees that sensitive information won’t be intercepted on the way to its destination.

HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is the most popular protocol, and it’s not encrypted. It sends data in plain text that can be intercepted by hackers.

#3. Use Antivirus With Internet Security

With the rise in cybercrimes, it becomes more important to protect your digital device and identity from hackers who can steal your data. Antivirus with Internet Security, a suite of malware protection, is the only way to stay protected.

A suite like that will shield your device from different types of malware and viruses whether you are using Public WiFi or a Private WiFi.

Antivirus and Internet Security give you peace of mind knowing that your information is protected in any situation. Your personal information is the top priority and several security software provides the most advanced protection available, so you can use public WiFi with confidence.

#4. Enable Firewall

It’s important to know how to protect yourself and your device. There are many dangers when you go online, and a lot of that can be prevented with a firewall.

A firewall blocks unauthorized or malicious computer connections from accessing your system. It is best to always enable your device’s firewall when you’re on any public WiFi connection. It’s my suggestion to use firewall provider internet connection at your home also. You may choose Wave internet connection for surfing the internet more securely.

Final Words

You must be diligent when using public WiFi. And now you know How To Use Public WiFi Securely? To protect yourself from cyber attacks, the best thing to do is to only use a VPN. And yes, you should follow all the other measures listed above too. Then only you can protect yourself from Cyber Attacks and Malwares.

So, always keep in mind that you have to follow these measures while using Public WiFi and also you can use these while using a Private Network too for security purposes.

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