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How to Create the Perfect Listing on eBay?

by Era Inventions

EBay listing items is crucial for your business as a seller to boost. For creating an eBay eBay Business account If you are looking for ways to create a list that stands out and converts window-shoppers into customers? Learn the basics of listing optimization to ensure the best possible visibility. This article is for both sellers buyer and seller who are new to listing optimization. Here are few tips to create attractive listing on eBay:

Tip 1.   Use quality video and pictures of products.

Product picture is the first impression which helps the buyer to decide whether he needs to buy the product or not, therefore, it is essential to use a quality picture of the product. Take two or more pictures from every angle so the buyer will confidently examine the product before Buying. The most effective way to sell your product is to create an effective short video of the product which will increase the chance to sell the product easily.  

Tip 2.   Appropriate Title listing. 

EBay titles must be relevant ,well structured, appropriate font size, relevant, and Search Engine Optimization friendly. Search Engine Optimized (SEO) keywords will help the product to get searched easily by customers. You must avoid using acronyms, for instance NIP etc which buyers may not understand or don’t know.   

Tip 3.  Write Clear Description of the Product.

The product description must be simple, clear and complete. The details may include qualities ,quantity, model and style. Seller’s honesty must not be compromised  and if the product has any fault, the seller must describe those potential flaws in description. This will build customer’s trust on the seller and the product. The description should not be lengthy and verbose so that customers get bored and walk away. 

Tip 4.  Item specifications and measurements must be accurate.

The product shown in the picture and description must be accurate. At times the product’s quantity and quality in description and picture is less than what it actually contains. This creates mistrust and furthermore, fines by eBay if customers claim. So the item’s specification and measurement must be accurate. 

Tip 5.  Right listing format must be adopted.

The correct listing format means whether you sell your (the) product through auction or fixed price style or both. Auction of the product means bidding, the customer expresses their affordability or desire to purchase the product in amount and the buyer with the highest bid will buy the item. On the contrary the fixed price is direct buying the customer purchase item on fixed price immediately, no bidding required.  

Tip 6.  Price market compatible.

If you are not well known of the pricing of the product you should visit different accounts selling the same product and their price range. Secondly, eBay also provides a price option of the product you intend to sell that will also help you fix the price of the product/item.

Tip 7.  Allow buyers to offer.

It is also favourable if you allow buyers to make offers on the product. You may have a choice whether to accept or decline the offer, or even make a counter offer. 

Tip 8.  Use social media to advertise and boost your sales.

Share your item listing in your other social media accounts and communities so that reach to your product increases many folds.

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