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A guide to using the Amazon message center inbox in 2022

by Era Inventions

Amazon is a famous eCommerce platform that has millions of customers because of the great opportunities. When sellers are visible to the buyer on Amazon, then it will automatically increase the order and messages. These Amazon messages come in the form of customers’ queries and questions related to the product, brand, or service.

In this article, you will learn about the Amazon messages center inbox. To get the complete information, read the article tills it ends. 

Amazon message center inbox

The Amazon Message Center permits the sellers to improve their relationships with the buyers. Amazon message center inbox is the place where the experienced customer support team works. They send order confirmations, shipping information, product warranty details, and delivery information. 

With the help of the amazon message center inbox, buyers are able to send inquiries, product feedback, suggestions, and complaints to the seller. The seller can respond to the buyer and resolve their inquiries through the same features.  

Updated guidelines on Amazon messages 

According to the guidelines, it is essential for you to know the do and don’t of the amazon messages. If you correctly understand the communication guidelines on Amazon messages, it will prevent you from violating the rules and account restrictions. 

These guidelines are made to make sure that buyers will not get too many messages and complaints from the sellers. 

  • Be fair and do not only request positive feedback from the buyers
  • Do not force the buyers to delete the negative feedback on products
  • Always use neutral language and tone while asking the feedback and answer to the customer queries
  • Avoid sending the shipping confirmation and the particular emails messages
  • Avoid sending promotional messages with discounts code and coupons 
  • Amazon seller messages do not consist of email addresses, phone numbers, unrelated photos, tracking images, inappropriate content, external links, attachments, etc. 

Types of Amazon seller message

The Amazon Message Center is regulated to make sure that both sellers and buyers must follow the rules. There are two types of amazon seller messages, named the proactive and Necessary Permitted Amazon seller messages. Both of them are different from each other but sent within 30 days after the completion of an order. 

  • Proactive amazon messages

Proactive messages are not the type of Amazon seller messages that answer the customer’s inquiries related to the product. All proactive messages are sent with the 17-digit order ID. These amazon messages are sent in the buyer’s language. 

  • Necessary permitted messages

The necessary word suggests that Amazon seller messages are required for order completion. In this, the seller has to communicate with the buyer through the amazon message center if any issue comes with products, returns, or refunds. 

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This article delivers the information on the Amazon message center inbox. Here you also get the information on the updated guidelines of the Amazon seller messages. Hope you get all the information on the topic and the type of Amazon message centers inbox. 

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